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My name is Amy and I’m a wife and mom of 3 who loves running marathons, Disney World, and helping people lead intentional lives.

I’ve spent a lot of my life as a box checker. Maybe you can relate.  Have you checked all the boxes that are supposed to make you happy – attended your dream university, fantastic job offer after graduating, got married, had kids, more great jobs working at the BEST companies, more promotions – and you feel like there’s still something missing?

Maybe you’ve felt guilty for wanting more, when by all accounts, you “should be” happy?

Believe me, I get it.  I’ve been there! I had so many things in my life to be grateful for and wasn’t sure why I felt so empty.

And here’s what I figured out…

When you spend so much time checking boxes that seem like the right ones to be checking, but are ultimately disconnected from your inner compass, you eventually lose sight of who you are, what makes YOU happy, and the life and work you’re really supposed to be pursuing.

Feeling disconnected from who you are is painful, and you can ignore it for awhile (years, actually!), but at some point your unrest will bubble to the surface in potentially destructive ways.

For me, it manifested in weekly panic attacks.  There within lies the purpose behind why I feel so passionate about my role as coach and why I work to challenge women to lead more intentional lives. I never want another woman to wake up one day and wonder how the heck she got to where she is. If we continually ignore the unrest within we risk leading an unremarkable life.

Don’t ignore yourself. Don’t lead your life based on what someone else thinks is right for you. Constantly push to know yourself so well that each choice is clear and aligns with your values. This journey isn’t easy, but there is such beauty in the mess. Redefine success. Redefine why it is you are on this earth and the impact you want to make. You are more powerful than you know.

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My Beliefs

I believe that having fun is essential.

I believe that we can take back control of our schedules and live in congruence with what matters most.

I believe in the ability to have it all, but not do it all.

I believe that vulnerability is power.

I believe that the definition of success lies with the individual.

I believe that within each person lies a unique and valuable story.

My Top 3 Favorite Running Races:

New York City Marathon

Goofy Challenge at Disney World

Westfield, NJ Turkey Trot

Favorite Movies:

When Harry Met Sally

Forrest Gump

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


You know you were meant for more,
let’s get moving in that direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a form of support that focuses on moving a person from their present circumstances towards their ideal life or goal. My job as a coach is to create a non-judgemental forum where I listen intuitively to what you are saying (and not saying), the energy behind your words and ask the right questions to help get you unstuck and find the answers and actions that resonate for you. While I give feedback based on what I hear, I do not give advice. When a client is present and ready to put in the work, the real transformation is invaluable.

As coach and client we form an important relationship. In each session, I will ask you to come to the table with a topic or goal you would like to work through or towards. Our time together is your opportunity to be truly honest with what is holding you back from living the life you know you are capable of. I will ask you questions based on what I see and hear so that we can begin breaking down messages, assumptions and other learned behavior and build an action plan to get you moving towards your goals. You will have homework between each session and I will be there to help hold you accountable. The work can be hard and may at times feel uncomfortable, but nothing truly good ever comes without doing the hard work!

I know! That’s what I thought years ago too before I worked with my first life coach. At that time I was burned out from juggling a demanding career and having two young kids at home. Through hard work and the desire to truly change my circumstances, I found a new path which included not only a new job, but also a new mindset that enabled me to live a life with less stress and greater fulfilment. This stuff really works if you let it!

No! While I do specialize in coaching women, I have successfully worked with men both 1:1 and as part of group facilitation and workshops. I always offer a free introductory session to make sure we are a mutually good fit.

Brand Values

We believe in inspiring women to lead bigger lives

We believe we can take back control of our schedules and live in congruence with what matters most

We believe in the ability to have it all, but not do it all

We believe that vulnerability is power

We believe that the definition of success lies with the individual

We believe that each person’s story is unique and valuable

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