3 Books For the Burned Out Woman

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3 Books For the Burned Out Woman

Reading has always been an integral part of my life. 

From discovering the macabre mind of Stephen King at the age of 14 to hiding in the Self Help section at 24 and devouring Cheryl Richardson’s “Life Makeovers”, I believe that books have the power to transport us to new worlds, expand our thinking and enhance our ability to grow into our most authentic selves. 

Below are three books I have read in the past year that have changed the way I view myself, my role as a wife and mother, and pushed me to strive for a better way of doing this thing called “life”.

For the overwhelmed mom


In her second book, “A Simplified Life”, Emily lays out her “tactical tools for intentional living”. She is a queen of clearing out the physical, emotional and mental clutter in life. Included in chapters like Simplified Space, Simplified Schedule and Simplified Motherhood are worksheets so you can dig in and do the work while you read. As a wife, mom of three little ones and a successful business owner, Emily has a lot on her plate, and I really value her ability to share openly her success and struggles with juggling these important roles. One of my favorite quotes “Yes, I wanted a “joyful family” and a “successful career”, but when was enough enough? What did “success” look like? What ignited daily joy for our family of five? And to put it bluntly, when would it be okay to enjoy life and stop over committing myself to death?”

When your life needs a kick in the pants


Jen has a no nonsense, in your face style (but in a funny way) that is both engaging and motivating. Side note – there is some cursing in the book. So if that’s not your style, this might not be a fit for you. From self acceptance to gratitude, forgiveness and fun, Jen lays out all the key aspects to creating a life you love. As many of you know, I am a big believer in the power of setting a vision and using a vision board to manifest your dreams. It likely comes as no surprise then that a favorite moment of mine comes on page 99 of the book where Sincero likens creating a vision board to “having a craft day with God”.

When your soul needs a deep drink of water


With a subtitle of “Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living” and a foreword by Brene Brown, I knew I needed to pick up this book. It came to me at the moment I left Google and needed some serious soul rest. Boy did this book it deliver. Shauna walks you through her journey of “being burned out on busy” to a life filled with more connection, rest and play. In addition to being an inspiring blogger, speaker and author, Shauna’s father and husband are pastors so there is a healthy amount of faith in the book. I urge a woman of any denomination though to pick up this book if you long to feel a deeper connection to your life and those you fill it with.

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Amy Young

I'm Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all.

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Hi! I'm Amy.

I’m Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all. I stress the importance of aligning life’s choices with my inner values rather than societal expectations, which often leads to a disconnection from true happiness. By advocating for self-awareness and intentionality, I seek to prevent others from feeling lost, urging them to redefine success to find genuine fulfillment.

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