Is it You or The Job? 5 Things to Consider Before Making the Leap

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Is it You or The Job? 5 Things to Consider Before Making the Leap

Maybe you just had a negative performance review and it’s time to go. Maybe you are sick of dealing with your cube-mate who won’t stop chewing his/her gum so loudly that you want to jump out a window. Or, maybe, you are just plain bored. Regardless of the reason, a change can often seem tantalizing but sometimes a bit more reflection is in order to decide if it’s really time to pack up and go. Below are 5 things to consider before you do indeed jump out that window (so to speak)…

1) what is your true why?

 Many experts out there talk about the power of asking the true reason behind your actions. That’s because it is so darn important. If you don’t truly know why you are considering leaving your job, or that reason is extrinsically motivated or is powered by a limiting belief (i.e. people are telling you you “should”, you think you can’t be at a company for more than 5 years anymore…) then you might want to ask yourself how true those reasons are really. Chances are, if you are disconnected from your “why” changing jobs might be a case of “the grass is always greener…” .

2) does this new job align with your values?

 When is the last time you thought about what really drives you? If your current job seems to check all the right boxes but you are still not happy, before you leap it may be time to check in with your inner compass. Make a list of your values and what you value in your work. For instance, if integrity is a key value of yours, think of how it shows up (or doesn’t) in your job and office. Perhaps collaboration and a team-oriented environment is key for you and your office tends to be more of a shark tank. Each item on your list will give you insight into why a current job may not be working or what is key to look for in a new job. Keep in mind that our values can change over time so what worked for you ten years ago might not work now!

3) you expect this new job to radically change all areas of your life.

Now friends, this isn’t always the case, but at times we can make changes in our careers and expect that the fairy tale will soon follow after. A job change often can’t fix an unhealthy relationship or magically cause us to lose 10 pounds. .Take the time to work through whether it is truly the job or work environment, or whether there is something deeper going on that you really need to face before making any change.

4) is it all about the money?

Money is a lot of things to a lot of people. If your sole definition of success is making a lot of money, I wish you well. If this is a lateral move but means more money, give it some thought. Some things that are more intangible like your credibility at your current company or items like flexible working hours might be worth more to you than you currently think. See #1 again.

5) you’ve made a recent job change and are still unhappy.

If you recently made a leap and it isn’t the Shangri-La you expected, you may want to stop, breathe and be honest with yourself about why your recent change went sour. Is it a matter of the job and environment not being a good fit? If so, go back to #2 on this list and re-connect with your values before moving forward with any new job search. I also urge you to be honest with yourself if there is something in your life that you need to face in order to be happy in any job. Do you really want to spend more time with your kids? Are you burned out and need a break? Be honest with yourself and what you need in order to be successful. Being intentional with your career will allow you to say no to what doesn’t serve you and frees you up to say yes to the right opportunity.

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Amy Young

I'm Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all.

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I’m Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all. I stress the importance of aligning life’s choices with my inner values rather than societal expectations, which often leads to a disconnection from true happiness. By advocating for self-awareness and intentionality, I seek to prevent others from feeling lost, urging them to redefine success to find genuine fulfillment.

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