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Burnout: A Curse and a Blessing

Hi, I’m Amy. I survived personal and professional burnout. Let me help you avoid it altogether.

You might say that I'm on a mission to eradicate burnout.

I certainly want to rewrite the definition of work and our relationship with it. Why? To know that, let me share a bit of my personal and professional experience with you.

I spent the first 15 years of my career in Media, doing work I really enjoyed and found challenging. Like many young professionals, my fulfillment became more tied to outer circumstances and ego; trying to set myself apart, proving my worth. This shift in focus led to the detachment from what I loved about my career and that’s when the burnout started to creep into my life. At the time, I thought a quick change in scenery would fix it. So, I made the move to Google and what should have been a dream job, only made things worse. Instead of listening to the warning signs my body and mind were sending me, I redoubled my efforts and worked harder. I thought to myself, I’m a professional, I should be able to power through this, right? Instead of powering through, I started having weekly panic attacks. Even the easiest of tasks became a mountain to traverse.

My breaking point was having a break-down while doing laundry at 9 pm on a Tuesday; panicking as the red button on my Blackberry flashed at me. I was gripped with fear, terrified of the emails waiting for my response; another thing I don’t know, another thing I’m going to screw up. My self-doubt was literally fueling the burnout.
I knew I could no longer show up as the person, wife, mom, or team leader that I wanted to be while headed down this path. It was costing me too much to stay where I was.

After a lot of self-reflection, I made the decision to pursue something I thought might not only reclaim my self-worth and confidence but would also help others. After being certified via a 9-month coaching program, it was time to start my mission.

No one should drive themselves to break down to achieve a fulfilling life and career. I’m here to provide resources, tips, and tools to build both a life and career that light you up.

What is your definition of success? How large is the gap between that definition and how you are living now? Spoiler alert, none of us are making it out of here alive, so if that gap is large, or you can’t see a path of how to make it across that expanse, reach out to me. Let me help you bridge the gap. You don’t have to go it alone. Even if it is just reading my monthly emails, I guarantee that you will learn something that will help you to cross that void. Let’s eradicate burnout together.

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Amy Young

I'm Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all.

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Hi! I'm Amy.

I’m Amy, a marathon-loving mom of three, who guides others towards intentional living based on my own journey of feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having it all. I stress the importance of aligning life’s choices with my inner values rather than societal expectations, which often leads to a disconnection from true happiness. By advocating for self-awareness and intentionality, I seek to prevent others from feeling lost, urging them to redefine success to find genuine fulfillment.

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